Featuring Head Trainer 
Ryan O’Hara

Coach Ryan has coached with some of the best Coaches in the Country !

-Former HS All American

-Former Pac 10 Division 1 Starter at the University of Arizona

-Led the AFL in Yardage and Touchdowns as a Rookie QB

-Trained by Steve Clarkson, Rob Johnson, Todd Marinovich 

QB Coach at Santa Monica College
Who Can Attend ?

Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Defensive Backs, Linebackers (March 16th camp will be limited to High School only)

Intense Workouts & Training:

Wide Receiver Route Running, QB Mechanics Pre Snap Reads, Coverage Recognition, Proper Mechanics, Route Throwing

L.O.S. Audibles, Hot Routes

Running Back Speed & Agility Training

Defensive Back Cover Assignments, Live Competition

7 on 7 Competition

Top Gun Competition, Speed Competition
Instagram User Name:
Email Us: Coach@PassAndShoot.com
Phone 909-436-9514
PO Box 2209 Chino, Ca 91708
Sunday, March 16th, 8am - 12pm
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